About Us

The major motive behind “Gallery of Artists” is establishing a strong, unique and long-lasting bond between the magical world of NFTs and the valuable one of art, making it accessible for all those who appreciate it around the world and bringing them all together regardless of any other differences.

In the “Gallery of Artists” all members are artists without judgment or questions, everyone is welcome to join, appreciate and make the bond even stronger. So yes! “All are artists” in this project.

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How to mint

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    Connect Your Wallet

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    Select Your Quantity

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    Confirm the Transaction

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    Receive Your NFTs

Our Goals


Phase I

  • Launch Twitter, Discord and Website
  • Building our community and launching constant updates
  • Reward the growing community with giveaways including ETH, NFTs and special roles within the community with whitelisting benefits Launch the collection of 10 000 MOB items
  • Presale mint: Whitelisted members will be able to mint 10 number of 3 000 items exclusively
  • Public sale: Everyone will be able to mint an unlimited number of the remaining 7,000 items
  • Phase II

  • Enable our DAO system that will allow holders of the project to have voting power on all major decisions coming to this project and upcoming projects
  • Current HOLDERS will be rewarded with exclusive airdrops including
  • additional NFTs and ETH
  • Official merch store will be released to all current HOLDERS with access to high quality merch related to the museum of billionaires brand

    Phase III

  • Activate and fund the Community and Charity wallet. (DAO system will be used to decide upon which charities will be considered)
  • Collabs: Partnerships with other projects and artists Merch store is released to the Public (limited designs and quantity)
  • Phase IV

  • The Metaverse action begins! DAO voting starts construction of the “museum of billionaires” in the metaverse. (Buying land on dao desired platform)
  • Metaverse is launched and Constitution of MOB TOWN curated in a METAVERSE meet up
  • Team Members

    Meet The Crew

    Berneice Tran


    Nathan Bean


    Lily Aram


    Claudia Hicks


    Moneo Doa

    UI Designer

    Sony Neo

    Digital Artist


    Blockchain Dev

    Natala Elon

    SEO Engineer

    Questions & Answers

    Frequently Asked

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    What is “Gallery of Artists” project?

    “Gallery of Artists” GOA is designed to be home to various NFT collections, each different in its own way but all under the same roof. The collections that “Gallery of Artists” holds are meant to highlight human differences in art form, it mimics some differences and special traits that distinguish people around the world and gathers them under the same collection and the same gallery, just like it aims to gather members and holders around the world no matter how different they are.

    Who are the leaders/team behind gallery of artists

    We are a group of artists and developers who joined together full-time to create a wonderful DAO community targeted at the wealth growth of our community.

    What is the difference between the collections?

    Each collection tells a different story depending on its theme and components, and has one collection leader chosen by members of the same collection who becomes responsible of taking decisions related to the collection in relation with the rest of the collections, which can change the overall story and events. The main story starts with the launch of the first collection and continues as other collections are added one at a time, adding their own events and parts. Every collection promises utility to holders from free airdrops, PFP usage, features and rarity improvements, to exclusive access to physical products (such as merch).

    When will collections be revealed?

    The “Gallery of Artists” collections will be revealed one at a time. Each launch will bring further details about the collection such as the theme, the number of items of the collection, how it is related to previous collections, new possibilities it offers in relation to them, and how it can serve new holders and previous members even more.

    Which blockchain is GOA using ?

    The “Gallery of Artists” Project” first collections saw light for the first time in the Polygone and Ethereum Blockchain, and took for home Opensea as a marketplace. However, future collections will be listed on other marketplaces.